By love’s sweet embrace

A poem about love rejected Monday, 16 March 2020

By love’s sweet embrace, a heart locked in a vice grips of love,
a love rejected a friend request not accepted.

by love’s sweet embrace, will I ruin my heart’s ship of love on the baren deserted shore of your hearts hard rock of rejection?

by love’s sweet embrace, is it my lot to suffer unrequited love from your eyes, your lips your hands.

by love’s sweet embrace will you accept my heart’s offerings of deep affection that I may not suffer your hearts rejection.

by love’s sweet embrace, I thee desire and wish to shower affection.
by love’s sweet embrace, you are perfection, where others see your faults my heart sees only perfection.

Par amour de l’amour, un cœur enfermé dans un vice grips de l’amour, un amour rejeté une demande d’ami non acceptée. par l’amour de l’amour, vais-je ruiner le navire d’amour de mon cœur sur la côte arborée de votre cœur de rejet? par l’amour de l’amour, est-ce que mon sort de souffrir de votre amour non partagé de vos yeux, de vos lèvres. By Love’s Sweet Embrace accepterez-vous les offrandes de mon cœur d’une profonde affection que je ne souffre peut-être pas de rejet de votre cœur. Par amour, je te désire et je veux faire une coupure de douche. Par amour de l’amour, vous êtes la perfection, où d’autres voient vos fautes que mon cœur ne voit que la perfection.

Ghost Ship: The Flying Dutchman Sails On and On

Dracul Van Helsing

On a moonlit night the sky’s spotlight
casts its rays down on tonight’s performer
a sailing ship rising out of the mist
in a globe theatre where sea and sky do meet
From underneath the water Poseidon’s hand
seems to rise from below the depths
lifting the old Dutchman like a pearl of great price
as an offering and a gift to Diana’s lantern in the night sky

Oh ship of mighty oak and sturdy deck and towering masts
what a price thou hast paid
for having for a master one Captain Hendrick Van der Decken
He who would make league and sup with the Devil
to have the fastest ship that would sail to the East Indies and back

And so there at the Cape of Good Hope
ship, master and crew would lose all hope
as Captain Hendrick stood on deck at the wheel
and cursed the wind…

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Reproduction of The Hay Wain with the aid of my awesome 4 year old grandson Joshua 

So today I started painting again reproduce of this well loved painting by John Constable.

So here is the start of the underpainting. 

Here is the completed under painting and my proud assistant who helped me with the actual under painting

Here is the young assistant who says he is the best painter ever. 

Details of the tree’s 

The process thus fart day one. 

Joshua and big sister Jodie Lea art promising youngsters who will one day be great artists 

Amazing Reproductions of the world’s best loved Art

Touched by a Brush Artistic Reproductions

Amazing reproductions of the world’s most famous paintings.

You can own your own reproduction of a Monett  Monett  Van Gogh. Picasso, Hockney, Turner, Gainsborough, Titan,  Rubans, Raphael or Da Vinci.

Astonish you friends, family and Busseness associates with your own copy of a famous oil painting, leave them wondering if it is a copy or an original We provide great masters for affordable prices. Send us an email with the image you would like reproduced and we will revert with a quote accordingly. 

Kindly provide the size you would like 

Touched by a Brush where the paintings are so fresh you can smell the 

Completed Commissioned Abstract Art work delivered to a wealthy Johannesburg Art Patro

At the end of October 2017 I was commissioned to paint a reproduction of a painting that had been seen in a Russian Artists Gallery

The reproduction above

Was 1200mm x, 900mm

This is the original Russian painting

The client received his reproduction today and was very pleased with the work. 

The first Paintings of 2018 to be sold to raise funds for young Joshua Woods artistic education 

The images depicted below are the first paintings of 2018

All of these awesome, awe-inspiring oil paintings are for sale, I am trying to raise money to send my grandson Joshua Wood who is an amazing child gifted with artistic talent to art school.

If you want to buy one of these paintings please let me know and we can work out a  reasonable price