The Last Supper – A Sarejess Reproduction 

On Wednesday 6 September 2017 at 4pm I begun to make and prepare a canvas of approximately 930mm x 400mm. 

This was for a reproduction of Days Vinci’s Fresco of The Last Supper 

The first image is the drawing in the freshly dried canvas. 

The second is of the first under painting 

The next is a detailed view followed by the natural progression of paint layers been applied.

For any art reproductions please comment 


Orson Welles and The Woman of Mystery

Dracul Van Helsing

Orson Welles and The Woman of Mystery

It was August of 1945. Japan had surrendered. Hitler was dead. Roosevelt was dead. Churchill had been defeated in the recent British general election.

And Clement Attlee, Harry Truman and Joseph Stalin had met in Potsdam to decide the fate of the world.

And Orson Welles was busy contemplating the next movie he should make.

He was thinking of making a movie about the aftermath of the war.

But given what the world just went through, maybe audiences were looking for a film that wouldn’t be about war.

What then?

A western perhaps?

It was watching John Ford’s 1939 Western film Stagecoach over and over again that Welles had taught himself the techniques of film making when he had signed the unprecedented contract with RKO Radio Pictures to make 3 films for them.

But what sort of Western?, Welles wondered to himself.


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South African Artist SAREJESS and The Flying Dutchman

Dracul Van Helsing

South African Artist SAREJESS and The Flying Dutchman

The great South African artist SAREJESS looked at the oil painting of the old Grandfather Clock with Egyptian markings he felt compelled to paint a few nights earlier.

What he wondered did this painting mean?

SAREJESS felt inclined to cover the canvas of the painting with a sheet.

For inwardly, he somehow felt that the world was not ready to gaze at the painting just yet.

Even looking at the painting itself gave SAREJESS a sense of foreboding.

He felt like he was in an episode of The Twilight Zone whenever he looked at it.

Just like he felt that he was in an episode of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery when he painted it.

SAREJESS left his studio and walked down to the beach near the town of Port Elizabeth where he lived.

He breathed the winter air (for it is currently…

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Breaking News at

Breaking News, stand by for a Special Announcement.

If you visit early on Monday morning you might be the first to see the wonderful, vibrent, Awesome Impressionistic Eastern Cape Gallery.

This Gallery was designed on the premise that if a impressitic Artist of the late 19th century had visited this region then South Africa would have added some really amazing art work to add to its already Amazing collections. We will be presenting to you some really amazing artwork and we would really like some feed back. I.E. what you really liked and what really turned you off, we promise you we value your opinion as art is subjective and what is normal is also subjective 

An a word to the visitors from over the water now might be the best time to buy one of our original oil paintings even though you might think that your currency is weak your pound, dollars and euro’s still have great value when converted to South African Rands thus this is a buyer’s market, obviously we do not want you to believe that this detracts from the value of your original art which is an investment and will bring you a lifetime of pleasure and delight.

These are the terms 

Once you have paid for your original Sarejess oil painting it will take 90 days to complete and deliver your amazing art to you. You will also receive a certificate confirming that you are the owner of the artwork this certificate will be uniquely numbered and signed by the artist, together with all the technical detai

ls of your unique painting.