Amazing sunset painting inspired by my grandson Joshua for much more 

Flowers under a pink sky

Cool wave

It’s orange as grandson Joshua says. 


All is an illusion

Fire at night typical of Bush fires in South Africa 

Wow from my front door at night

Birds Fly Over House In The Sunset: A Poem

Humbled an honoured at the same time

Dracul Van Helsing

Birds Fly Over House In The Sunset by SAREJESS March 2017

Birds Fly Over House In The Sunset painted by the South African artist SAREJESS March 2017

Birds Fly Over House In The Sunset: A Poem

Below the purple hills
lies a little house
where sight of green tree
greets you and your spouse

There each happy morn
with the dazzling dawn
lies fields of green and gold
viewed by doe and her fawn

Sunsets are golden
when they shine down
turn field colours to flame
when they light up the ground

It’s simply paradise
no fancy palaces
or halls of gold
just two souls living
and loving together
until they grow old

Five birds come flying
in the night sky
like the sunset glowing
they bid the day goodbye

There is a wonder
in such a land
where fields and forests meet
the work of God’s hand

Amidst the sun now setting
home fires now burn
day’s work is now…

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Amazing Desert Landscape oil painting (original)  for sale. 

This amazing Desert landscape painting is for sale

Part 3

Fair stood the wind for Africa, down the English channel the fleet of ships moved through running seas and wind and snow. The light had fallen early that first day at sea. Dinner was taken early at 5pm 6 people to a mess getting their salt beef and hard tack biscuit ( sea biscuit was made from animal fat and flour baked and placed in barrel ‘s some time to stand in the Navy storehouse for years before been issued to a ship by then the bread was full  of living weevils, the salt need or salted pork not much better  having to be soaked numerous times before it came near anything near edible.
The joys of international travel in the early 19th century, no privacy, communal meals of food that was of poor quality, dare I mention ablutions?  Scary thought.
The hierarchy on board vessels of His Majesties SHIPS ordered by the captain of each vessel who assumed the position of deity quality and his word was law.

A few days out when most of the landsmen had gained their sea legs the first discussions between the party leaders now for the most part the party leaders had good intentions. But we all know what road to he’ll are paved with.