2017 The Rebirth of my creative work 

2017 might not have been a financial success for me butterflies has been a very creative rebirth of my talents as an oil painter and artist

How I came to paint a reproduction of The Great Wave by the Japanese Grand Master Hokaki 

A few months ago I happen to see a program about the paintings of Japanese Artists at the time I thought “that is easy I can do That” I also thought of my friend in Canada Chris Milner who is on WordPress and of his love for things Asian.

Last week my friend Shirley Yates gave a framed print of a Chinese water color to her niece and I thought time to paint my reproduction of the great wave.  So I did an observation about people and the silliest things they can say to an artist are

When they really don’t like your painting

“After all it is your painting”

When the painting confounds them. 

“interesting “