Operation Blackout a world war 2 safety mechanism for stopping 21st Century Terrorism

During the blitz and the Battle of Briton it was required of everyone to cover up the windows to make it more difficult for the German bombers t poo drop their payload of death on Britain’s population.

If the same principal was applied to cities and countries that suffer a terror attack like the resent attacks in France, would it not make sense to apply the same principal as mentioned above with slight variations I.e. total shutdown of the media for the period required to apprehend the guilty, and deprive the terrorist organisations, the opportunity of using the shock and fear generated by the attacks as a tactic to  gather support for their cause.
Secondly, all communication other than emergency services to be shut down to prevent the news spreading across social media, and deprive the terrorist using this as a tool to spread their message.

Allow internal communication but international communications must be none existent.

The reasons for this act mentioned above can be used in another far effective way by cutting off communication you are not only stopping the fear factor, but also knowing that terrorism will still try and get the message our will allow the security forces to pin point the attempts made by the terrorists to communicate there actions internationally,  and help to quickly apprehend the guilty.

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Le Sterley du parc d’Oakland dans le comté de Surrey avait pendant longtemps été noblesse distinguée le premier Sterley à lever à la noblesse était monsieur John ayant été dans le service de la Reine Continue reading “”

Spiritus Africanus – Recollections of My Life.

This is a collect of reminisces of my life – Events, observations, helicon days of Thunder & Wonder.

Retold in the style of an old man recalling his youth.


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After Years I greet you sweet, death

Year after year day after day, Iv tried to be cheerful and laugh of the sorrow and pain, both physical and mental.


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Creative Writing & Selling your master piece part 1

The fear of the blank word document as you set out to write the master piece that you have wanted to write all your life can be quite daunting.

So where do you start you wonder?


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Wicked verse & poetry- prophecy from the Great book of Bumbrians.

And in those days lived the prophet Baba Ganosh and he did the bidding of the Spirit Wind
AND of a season early in the morning when it was yet dark the spirit winds messenger lay asleep in his bed in the bush and behold the spirit wind came upon him and bid him go. Rising he kicked his wife awake and she did fall from the sleeping tree and did come to rest upon a thorns bush, but the spirit wind bid the prophet go and go he went.


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Ever wanted to be immortal? 

Ever wanted to be immortal? The south African company Samcorp might just have the answer with the release later this year of there Samuel-1 module.



Fear sometimes comes to knock at our door

Sam could feel it, he could smell it, and it was always present now. He had known for some time the day would come but he had never expected it to come like this. He had been warned but he had ignored the warning signs and continued with his daily life as if it did not exist. image


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Verse & wicked songs

Ode to a Lady in red
When you were young, they said you were well worth laying down for a few years.   Your body is full and round your nose is simply delightful   Red is your color in any season I have seen others in white but nothing excites me as much as seeing you in red.
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Tuthmosis the Mummy- Tales of an Ancient Love, desert vampire kings and revenge.

Originally a dark comical parody and written 11 years ago on the now long since dead journalspace.com. social Bloggertering site which sadly is no more

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