Operation Blackout a world war 2 safety mechanism for stopping 21st Century Terrorism

During the blitz and the Battle of Briton it was required of everyone to cover up the windows to make it more difficult for the German bombers t poo drop their payload of death on Britain’s population.

If the same principal was applied to cities and countries that suffer a terror attack like the resent attacks in France, would it not make sense to apply the same principal as mentioned above with slight variations I.e. total shutdown of the media for the period required to apprehend the guilty, and deprive the terrorist organisations, the opportunity of using the shock and fear generated by the attacks as a tactic to  gather support for their cause.
Secondly, all communication other than emergency services to be shut down to prevent the news spreading across social media, and deprive the terrorist using this as a tool to spread their message.

Allow internal communication but international communications must be none existent.

The reasons for this act mentioned above can be used in another far effective way by cutting off communication you are not only stopping the fear factor, but also knowing that terrorism will still try and get the message our will allow the security forces to pin point the attempts made by the terrorists to communicate there actions internationally,  and help to quickly apprehend the guilty.


Creative Writing & Selling your master piece part 1

The fear of the blank word document as you set out to write the master piece that you have wanted to write all your life can be quite daunting.

So where do you start you wonder?


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Ever wanted to be immortal? 

Ever wanted to be immortal? The south African company Samcorp might just have the answer with the release later this year of there Samuel-1 module.



Stolen Operetta – Funding Needed

Stolen Operetta – Funding Needed

As many of you might not know I am a self-taught musician & composer.

Back in 2009 I composed a small piece of introductory music for a comical operetta that I have yet to complete this particular piece of music was dedicated to fellow WordPress bloggier Chris A.K.A Dracul Helsing.

Earlier this year I happened to hear some rap artist (artist in the most general terms as one would refer to a peace of waste paper and other rubbish in the same terms as litter).
The music sounded familiar I spent the day in amazement trying to think where I had heard this particular piece of music before.

Finally, it struck me it was something that I had written which this Rap artist (or should I say rape artist had stolen from the internet that was originally written by me way back in 09.

And here ladies and gents is the peace.

The  operetta will have as one of its main characters  the  fictional Baroness Mozart-Von Bach  ( she is of the  clan of women of  large portions and heaving bosoms which are so well known in operatic circles (As my pal Joe Green  used to say as  he ascended the stars to the Pascale Opera house  “ we begin our day  with the women of large portions and big voices” old Giuseppe sure knew a thing a or two about large  female artists)and her adorable daughter the  lady Geneviève Von-Bach who are distant relatives of both the famous composers  who’s names they bear.

I am hoping to complete this operetta but I will need funding to do this if anyone is interested please drop me a line.

Sarejessian @ gmail. com

The Sterley’s of Oakland a Parody of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

It was one of those fine spring days when the buds of plants are awakening from there deep winter slumber. The church as Notheringay was surrounded by vehicles of all shapes and sizes. For today George Parker esquire of the county of Surry is to be wed to his long time sweetheart Lydia Sterley spinster of this parish


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Readers kindly post your reviews of Oakland Park

Reviews for the Sterley’s of Oakland Park are now open.


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A very early work by the Sarejessian circa 2003

The Early history of South Africa as told by the Sarejessian

This work is a combination of some of my early writing dating back to 2003.

As I recall this was written in the style of “1066 and a km l that”. This post will give you some idea of how writing skills develop.


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