Part 3

Fair stood the wind for Africa, down the English channel the fleet of ships moved through running seas and wind and snow. The light had fallen early that first day at sea. Dinner was taken early at 5pm 6 people to a mess getting their salt beef and hard tack biscuit ( sea biscuit was made from animal fat and flour baked and placed in barrel ‘s some time to stand in the Navy storehouse for years before been issued to a ship by then the bread was full  of living weevils, the salt need or salted pork not much better  having to be soaked numerous times before it came near anything near edible.
The joys of international travel in the early 19th century, no privacy, communal meals of food that was of poor quality, dare I mention ablutions?  Scary thought.
The hierarchy on board vessels of His Majesties SHIPS ordered by the captain of each vessel who assumed the position of deity quality and his word was law.

A few days out when most of the landsmen had gained their sea legs the first discussions between the party leaders now for the most part the party leaders had good intentions. But we all know what road to he’ll are paved with.      

1820 British Settlers to South Africa Investigate, preserve, protect and be proud

The common idea that those descended from the 4000 men women and children that came to South Africa is that the Settlers where for the most part English men and woman.

However the Settlers we’re drawn from various parts of the British Ilse
True a large portion we’re English but there we’re others who we’re drawn from Wales, Ireland,  Cornwell and Scotland.

The battle for survival in the Cape of Good hope produced individuals of a tough hearty and stoic nature a breed of men, women and children who clung to life like burs to a saddle blanket.

Of course this produced a strong sense of belonging and community.
They had to stick together or die.

Fortunately, they survived and help build a great nation.    
The endeavours of these early pioneers produced results even when struck time and time again with setbacks.

Now one of the results of the low levels of education among the early settlers meant that not many kept journals or diary a few exceptions to the rule did exist.  We can be greatly appreciative  for that at least.

The sad part of this is there are very few personal rememberers that we’re written down and as a result a great oral tradition sprung up.

Family Loyalty (clan = MY CHILDREN ) expusite language

After day from he’ll following a life time day, weeks months, years and a (life to nice a word to use for my existence may be overlong period in hades would be a better word for this tragic thing i call my life).

Today i wanted to throw the towel in and end the drama, my daily existence since the moment i drew that first filth, unsavoury breath of air from this place of suffering, has been filled with constant pain, ridicule ( i beg of the reader do not cry pity party, for even now my body, spirit and soul are wracked with unendurable pain.)
My parents loved me, My wife loves me and my children claim to love me (after some sort of sick fashion).My GRANDCHILDREN LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY.   

I care not if you are a king or a peace of human excrement, hurt mine and I will hunt you to judgement day and personally deliver you to the fires of he’ll where the demons will make merry and joy in your suffering. Those guilty of this take note  you have been warned

Pride comes before a fall.

Over many years I have observed people doing things that I do not believe are right to enhance their own gain. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater seems to make these type of people happy for a session, but the season never last long.

Styles come and go fashion it seems is always in fashion, no matter how ridiculous it looks.
Purple hair, old furniture whitewashed over

Aroma Du Pong having worked many years at the sweat  factory of king Louis received upon retirement a small lump sum of gold proceeded to purchase a small house near the fish market.

It had always been her desire to open a small shop where she could create perfume, thus quite close to the fish market in the great city of king Louis a little perfume house was born (Le Pattit perfume). Aroma have the business the name because she imagined that this was how great people offered each other a little perfume before an audience with his majesty.  

Marketing yourself a guide to helping yourself Passion CHAPTER 1

Chapter One

I once knew a man who worked as the quartermasters office of the South African Railways.

He was the railways and in particular old steam engines he could tell you all about the different engines the gages in the cabin of the trains the diameter of each engines boiler, the type of rails trains ran on the different tracks.
He even had different scale models running on tracks in his home.
Trains we’re his passion and he enjoyed every working day of his life.

He would go to the foundry where the undercarriages of coaches were been built and work on the foundry sales Rep to get a better price.

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