HMS WAR DRUM made her way down the English Channel. In his cabin the Honourable Lord Thomas Sterley of Oakland studied the chart before him. 
For a moment the flash of


Dry Wit a poem

THE guy with the dry wit is not a twit.
THE guy with the dry wit needs to work hard to entertainment you.
The guy with the dry wit is seldom understood.
The guy with the dry wit is like a well seasoned wine divine.


got an email from gmail.
It said you got mail.
I opened it up it was junk mail from a junk mail email marketer.
I got an email from gmail
It said you got mail.
I opened it up it was scam mail from a Nigerian who sent mail and wanted to give me his grand dads email empire and a billions.
I got an email from gmail.
I opened it up it said your account has been hacked by a chick with a limp and a Jamacan pimp..
I sent an email to gmail and said
Wtf man you send me the email, but where’s the cheque so I can by me a bat to come smash you flat.

Spiritual Rain Season has come Dance on the rain of Blessings

Brethren the word tells us that rain means showers of blessings; in the last 25 hours I have three times heard how the spiritual rain is
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The Sea of forgetfulness part 1

It is in the nature of human beings to forget their past.
People who take up the task of researching their family orgians have a different task of searching through hundreds and possibly thousands of documents. This task calls for the keenest of minds to distinguish between hearsay, oral communications which has
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Never the less to preserve the duty placed upon him by society he continued to eat the poor bird for it would have been considered most offensive if he had not. As the newest member of Sir Thomas’s family it was incumbent upon him that he make a good impression upon the clergyman and his wife for the most reverend gentleman had always been most obliging to the Sterley’s when called upon to be of service to the family.

For it was well known that he had been instrumental of ridding Morton of the ghost of poor Lord John. To have in any way offended him in any way even to the extent of his wife’s efforts in the culinary field would it seemed be an insult to the good people of Notheringay.

Thus, on he soldered through the battlefield that was the dish much to the delight of the reverend gentleman’s wife who continued to make remarks and receive high praise from the brave captain.

After the mean Sophia had quite recovered while her brave husband refused the proffered custard pie saying, the curried pigeon was quite enough for him. Shortly thereafter, the Aubrey’s took their leave of the clergyman and his wife who stood upon the front step of the rectory enjoying the view as the coach made its departure the good woman waving to Sophia remarked, “That what an excellent gentleman the captain was and what good taste he had. For she had seen that he had indeed emptied the plate, it was a pity that he had not seen his way clear to a slice of custard pie. However it was to be expected these naval sorts are seldom big eaters” this all said to her good husband who ever mindful of his wife’s desire to impress upon their guests the skill with which she employed herself in the kitchen made him smile.

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