Dark Parody a New Novel By Sarejess
The Novel begins on the night after the battle of Culloden in April of 1746.
It Documents the life past present and future of a Jacobite and later Vampire Angus Mac Gieviy and in particular his adventures in the 21st Century.
And as he puts it on occasion. To be alive in the year 2016 unnatural strange that I born of woman in 1721 can still roam the night but never see this day.
The winds swept over the moor, the flickering embers of dying fires in the English camp glowed bright for a moment or two before fading.
The dead bodies of Scots clansmen lay on the field of battle the wind rising caused the remnants of the dead bodies flapping in the wind giving of a mournful sound to the night, somewhere in the night an owl hooted.
A group of his Majesties own dragoons stood pulling their cloaks a little closer as they stood around one of the few fires that still burnt brightly warming their hands talking softly they looked confident in their red cloaks but at the same time a little fearful.
There were many stories of strange things happening on the night after a battle.
In particular, the Scottish battlefields were notorious for ghosts and witches.
In the shadows near a small clump of trees a Scottish clansman lay dying surrounded by the shadows of the night occasionally fading in and out of consciousness the man thought of his home and his family, in particular he thought of the parting words with his father the laird Mac Gieviy.
“Yea will fight well for our bonny Prince or yea will die trying. He had said. Yes, Father I will the younger man had said.
The fire of zealous Jacobite hope burning brightly in both men’s eyes. As he was departing the hag Morag had stopped him.
“What is it woman? the young man had said in an abrupt tone. It was not that he disliked the old woman she had been part of the clan for as long as anyone could remember but of late she had been warning the

The Ghost White Buffalo: A Poem

Wow, outstanding.

Dracul Van Helsing

The Ghost White Buffalo

It was the winter of 1908
colder than a frost giant’s plate
colder than the old timers could ever remember
colder than the young would ever remember when they approached their life’s December
It was definitely a once in a lifetime winter
that made a thermometer an icy splinter
And amidst the drifting cold and snow
that made one huddle to a warm fire’s glow
there were reports of a ghost white buffalo being seen
that fabled beast that haunted many a Blackfoot warrior’s dream
It was an omen people said
in hushed whispers filled with dread
The beast would suddenly appear
then just as quickly disappear
an apparition that glowed on many a cold wintery night
and sent spectators fleeing in fright
Was this furry vision sensible to feeling as well as sight
those few brave souls could not get close enough to touch, try…

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