Illness in the family

Many of my friends will not be aware that  a few month ago the  love of my life Winnie and my daughter Jessica we’re diagnosed  with a potentially life threatening illness.

The entire family had to be tested for a bacterial virus that has been with humans for thousands of years.

The results in the case of the members was negative largely I understand from an extra chromosome that is a generic mutation that is  hereditary this particular mutation assists us with faster healing now the curious fact is I understand that Winnie does not have the chromosome but why Jessica does not have it is puzzling, but never the less the results had a major impact on our family life the grandchildren had to be put on preventative medication for 6 months.  Jessica has to travel to the clinic in town on a daily basis and everyone else needs to go every two weeks.

The major financial effect is now that is that we have depleted our savings and are spending money that we don’t have.

It is essential that Jessica and Winnie and the grandchildren need to eat a well balanced diet (we don’t have the means to do this the illness is a wasting disease that slowly kills the person infected.

I would therefore like to make an appeal to anyone who is willing to or able to assist us to please message me so we van discuss options.

I would not do this under any other circumstance but this is for the survival of my family.