Friday Night Thought

The thing about most of humans that most grates me is their inability to reason, the majority have been taught values and certain fundamental concepts from their youth that essentially seem immovable (even if the consept is blatantly wrong).

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Remembrances Scotland 1743

A story of the Scottish rising of 1745.


“The story I am about to tell you my dear is of great importance for if there is one thing I have learned over many years is that one needs to remember so that one will be able to pass on to the young certain truths about the rising in the year 1745 which have truly never been told in full. said Lady Elizabeth to her grand daughter one evening in the winter of 1801 Continue reading “Remembrances Scotland 1743”

Drama-Rama life among the cultural melting Pot called South Africa.

No where else in the world would you be able to board public transport that is private property and interact with a whole section of society on a equip basis.


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