A very early work by the Sarejessian circa 2003

The Early history of South Africa as told by the Sarejessian

This work is a combination of some of my early writing dating back to 2003.

As I recall this was written in the style of “1066 and a km l that”. This post will give you some idea of how writing skills develop.


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In the year of our Lord 1510 AD a small force of Portuguese ships arrived in Table bay they intended to claim this land for the King of Portugal in accordance with the edict of his holiness the Pope. Unfortunately the Pope had neglected to inform the locals that there land was to be annexed and brought into the realm of Christendom very inconvenient but never the less that is how matter stood on one fine April morning in that year when the Portuguese stepped ashore the drums beat the trumpet sounded the commanded stepped forward and planted the flag of Portugal.

This strange behavior the locals at first found strange and even funny however when they were informed that they were now subjects of the King of Spain they rebelled and reacted with anger rushing down on to the beach where the peace loving Portuguese had began collecting sea shells for the King of Portugal (He wanted to send them as a present to the Pope). The attack was so sudden that the unsuspecting Portuguese were taken totally by surprise and hardly had time to grab there pikes and cross bows before they were under attack  said one to a friend Fernando get your cross bow out of my ribs”

In an event the Portuguese were driven back the greater number of them dyeing on the beach there blood staining the shore was to be the first blood of many Europeans which was to be lost in South Africa.

It should be noted that the locals that attacked this first failed invasion force were not people the Engoni ** group as commonly believed they were another type of invader that would come much later. The peace loving locals who drove off the Portuguese was known as the Strand loopers (Beach walkers/dwellers) They were a group who was loosely related to the original Bush man who had lived in Sub Saharan Africa for thousands of years.

Been soundly beaten by the locals the Portuguese commander decided to return to Lisbon and tell the King about the Popes failure to inform the locals. The King no doubt sent a strongly worded letter of protest tot the Pope “Ouch so no gift not even a sea shell then inquired?” the Pope.
In the mean time the Southern shores of Africa was to remain inhabited by the Strand loopers for another hundred and forty six years before any thing major happened.

In the early part of the 1600’s it was time for the English to try there luck at settling the Cape never one to waste resources James I of England And 6th of Scotland cast his eyes about and asked cant we use some of those convicts who robbed the stage coach last week when looking around for settlers “Great idea cried his first minster who then set about finding convicts to send to the Cape.
Ner a group of roughs more fitting of been hanged until they were dead, was found to come to the cape when they arrived the captain of the ship a wise man knowing a little of what had gone before ( he must have been a good Catholic decided to abandon the mottly crew of convicts on Roben ***Island at that time it was not known by that name it was just an island South would have to wait for the Dutch to name it half a century later.

It was not long before the local population of Strand loopers was visiting the Island a character known as Herry a minor chief caused them a lot of problems he would later cause the Dutch more problems. So much so that when the next ship called from England the remaining convicts pleaded to be taken back and hanged in England because they had had enough of Herry the Strand looper and his band of merry men. When they got to England some of the convicts escaped and ran away only to be caught an hanged at Kings cross the present site of Kings cross station London England

**Engoni = the tribes and peoples from whom Nelson Mandela, is descended this group includes the Zulu, Xhosa and the other black triable groups of South Africa)

***Roben island = Ryban island Dutch for the Island of the seals they loved to hunt the and kill them for there pelts

The Dutch are coming the Dutch are coming1652
So round about 1647 the Dutch started getting interested in the Cape of Good Hope there was a great two and frowning about if they should build a refreshment station there  eventually after about five years they decided to do so they chose as the commander a former merchant of the Dutch East India company (also known as Jan company and the VOC short for Verinecter Oosteter Indsher Comapnjie) Here after referred to as the company  Well the states general the highest authority in the land decided to build a refreshment station this was of course after the Lords seventeen had voted that there should be a way station to provide fresh veggies cattle and sheep for ships passing from the far east to Europe and vice versa.

The former merchant Jan Antozoen Van Riebeeck had formally been in the employ of the company but had been busted for corruption nothing new there South Africa has known a long line of corrupt leaders guess he was just playing his part what no bribe for the commander? He enquired from a passing ship.

THE AUTHOR IS THE WRITER OF SEVERAL BOOKS, WHICH HAVE BEEN, SELF-PUBLISHED FOR MORE INFO VISIT THE FOLLOWING WEB LINK: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/sarejessThe link to the authors lulu.com showroom

TO MAIL THE AUTHOR: sarejessian @ gmail.com
The Author is a Dyslexic support the author by buying one of his books or short stores.

So on the 6th of April 1652 Van Reibeeck and company arrived in table bay he had to wait a day for the last of his three ships to arrive the 7th been a Sunday no one went ashore must have made Herry mad with anxiety why arent they coming ashore he wondered? He did not have long to wait bright and early the boats set out for shore there was Herry all existed here they come help them ashore stand aside there let me help the commander Hello My name is Herry I have plenty of cattle and sheep to sell to you I see you have bright and shiny objects Yes we will take copper bangles and Axes and any sort of metal yes we will relieve them from you in a minute just wait dont push you there help me cut off the button s from the commanders coat.

Any way old Jan claimed this land for the company this time Herry allowed him to do it these white guys have shiny things we can kill them later  any way the first day there was a back and forth between the shore and the three ships unloading of all the goods putting up the tens and building of huts. Look Jan cried Mrs. Van Reibeeck that one is wearing no cloths hehehe look at his funny bits. Ja I saw that dont look Maria it is not polite to look over long at there funny bits said he.

Anyway they began working on the fort bang, bang went the hammer on the nail pass me the nails please Herry oh thats strange theres none left oh well lets have sit down and smoke a pipe.
By the end of the first month there was a bit of a fort the ships were getting ready to leave the first settlers at the Cape were not your typical group they  there were only about three woman and fifty seven woman. We need to get the mens minds off the woman thought Jan as he bid the Captains of the three ships The Dromedaries the Rieger and the Goed Hope. Well good bye captain have a good trip to Batavia please bring me back a couple of women for our hard working men.

So the men contented themselves with growing veggies battering sheep and cattle which Herry and his gang would steel back at the first opportunity. Old Jan sighed it is all very inconvenient buying cattle only to have to buy them again next week. Maria remind me to have a word with Herry about his peoples stealing I wonder if I can shoot a few of them let me check my orders from the company said he as he unrolled his scroll of orders Inhabitants  Oh here we go Inhabitants may not be shot you are to remain on the best of terms with the Hottentots living in peace harmony and fidelity. Oh dear that wont do muttered old Jan.

So there was one man playing herdsman to the dwindling supply of Sheep and cattle when a fleet arrived from Batavia. Hooray, Hooray they have come back soon there was a big party here have some wine commander, you must try our Lamb Breede (stew) excellent quite nice your view from the fort but why is it not complete Van Reibeeck??

Oh well umm you see my men are quite tired they have been working quite hard and with Herry stealing our cattle it is quite hard You dont think you might be able to lend me a few of your men Commander??

No Jan I dont think so maybe I can give you some rice and ship store maybe some salt pork and beef but my men need to rest sorry Jan said the commander with an apologetic smile.
Oh well guess I will have to get my men back to work then said Old Jan knowing that he was in a whole heap of trouble.
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