Pan Goatee and The Feathered Serpent

Another great writer my pal Chris don’t give his blog a miss one of the yet to be discovered writer’s of the century and a true gent.

Dracul Van Helsing

Pan Goatee and The Winged Serpent

Pan Goatee was busy cutting off the heads of ugly women who were out walking their dogs (the four-legged kind) the past few nights.

“I’ve never seen so many dogs out walking their dogs,” Pan Goatee remarked as he lopped off repulsive looking heads left, right and center.

He lopped off the head of one ugly looking woman who thought she could actually race him across the street at a stop light.

And then lopped off the head of another ugly looking woman who tried to enter his favourite oyster and sushi bar before him.

As he sat enjoying eating his oysters and thinking about the beautiful Aphrodite possibly emerging from one of his oyster shells, he got a call on his Samsung Galaxy S7 Smart Phone.

It came from a wealthy Neo-Nazi sympathizing German industrialist and arms manufacturer who was backing Donald Trump’s…

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Pure fiction and not a word true part 1.

It is an established fact that two deep spaceships equipped with the same sub sonic matter  engines using two different pieces of music would jump into hyperspace a millionth of a second between each jump where very likely to arrive at the same destination many centuries apart from each other but in the same point in space.
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